Custody of the Senses Series


My paintings are an investigation into representation and perception of personal identity.

The aim is to pursue what lies deep within from what can be perceived from the external. Where recognition of the individual is unimportant, where the facial features become uncertain, non-specific, but rather a vehicle or means of representing the identity.

I am interested in how the individual engages in Custody of the Senses to exercise control in order to protect but perhaps ultimately to incarcerate the self. I see my work as confronting contrasts, strong/vulnerable, bold/subtle, personal/universal, shielded/unprotected.

I start by producing numerous thumbnail sketches to identify possible poses and postures, from these, I then take photos of myself replicating the sketches that I want to use, using the results in combination with the sketches I begin the canvas. From this point I want the paint to dictate rather than the photo, allowing it to reveal and uncover what I desire to communicate.


The 12 paintings in the series are either oil on canvas or linen and each measures 36″ x 36″.